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he firm AGF works primarily on custom orders and with technical details provided by the client.
A system that offers each customer a truly personalized product.
Triangular mouths
In labial pipes the height of the note emitted is directly in proportion with the volume of air contained in the pipe. Varying the size of the diameter, we obtain different sounds. A pipe with a long and thin body produces a faint and sweet sound, different from a pipe of the same length but with a larger diameter.
Principal pipe with flame mouth.
Pipes 50% spotted metal
The pipes cylindrically opened, principal, flute and viole produce a sound and timber which are mostly associated with the organ
The closed pipes, Bordon, Gedeckt, are closed at the top, hence the acoustic power exits from the mouth. Their acoustic length is cut in half. In fact, a note from the length of the body of the pipe is cut in half with respect to an open pipe.
Chimney pipes, Rohrflote, chimney flutes are two pipes overlapping each other emitting different sounds.
In theory, pointed pipes and pointed flutes Gemshorn can be considered pipes obtained by overlapping an infinite number of chimneys.
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