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Restoration for our firm is an important activity, equally as important as production. For 40 years. For this reason you can trust us…!
Pipe restoration holds an important role in our firm. The level of technical and theoretic preparation reached by members of our staff allows us to undertake even the most demanding restorations.

The preliminary operation of rearranging the pipes and the importance of the measurements, are undertaken with the utmost care and attention, in a way that allows to maintain intact the original structure of the pipe. During the restoration our goal is to save all that is possible (at times even the impossible). We intervene on the pipes in the least possible manner and try not to touch the mouth and soul.

Where it is necessary to replace missing pipes, we carry out our work with scrupulous respect of the materials, thickness and size of the sheets.

In the end, each and every restoration is accompanied by a specific file card outlining in great detail and reporting the interventions carried out and is given to the customer.

What better guarantee for the customer for a restoration that is a “work of art”?

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