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The history of the firm AGF, construction and restoration of organ pipes is closely linked to the professional lives of the brothers Gianfranco and Roberto Albertoni whom have dedicated over 45 years to this profession.
In fact, it is in 1956 that Gianfranco meets Giuseppe Bencz, an expert in the art of organ pipe construction, and he becomes the first worker in his shop. From him, he learns all the phases involved, becoming in time the instructor of all the other workers, whom with time grow in number in the artisan shop of Giuseppe Bencz. Among the workers, his brother Roberto at only 14 years of age begins his apprenticeship.

With the arrival of Jacques Stinkens, whom takes over the small business, the volume of work increases considerably, transforming the small shop in a laboratory with over 40 employees.

The role of the two brothers grew in proportion with the business. Gianfranco in addition to able builder, becomes responsible of the business, taking care of the organization of the phases involved in the work and of the management of the personnel.

In 1991 Gianfranco along with two partners take over the Italian branch of the firm, the one for which he worked for over 30 years. After a few years, the brother Roberto by virtue of his merit, becomes a partner in the firm.

It is the beginning of 10 intense years, with some problems, but also positive results, a business management in step with the times and the hiring of young workers willing to learn a profession rich in tradition.

In 2001 Gianfranco, Roberto and a few young expert collaborators, decide to take one a new challenge, giving life to a new business: AGF Construction and Restoration of Organ Pipes.

This close-knit team, combines experience, enthusiasm and passion for this work, and they have transformed this new activity into a positive reality.

When respect for tradition is combined, when possible, with innovative technology the result is a product of the highest quality.

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